Proven Research Tips For Increasing Credibility On Your Website

Many companies are eagerly obsessed with things like generating traffic, boosting conversions or making their website look attractive, but very few actually consider the credibility of their website.

Does the credibility of the site really matter? Apparently, that’s what happens. Research shows that 34% of consumers cite the well-known brand name of a store as the main reason for buying with a brand. Studies have also been published that reveal a correlation between brand credibility and consumers’ decision to buy from a brand. In short, the more credible your brand, the more sales it will generate.

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Enable SSL on your site

Available data shows that 78.9% of websites do not have an SSL certificate or an invalid SSL certificate. This is quite interesting, especially considering that having an SSL certificate will not only increase your sales and traffic, but will increase your credibility.

Research has shown that enabling SSL on your site – having that “HTTPS” in front of your site’s address and having visitors’ browsers show them a green padlock whenever they visit your site, can increase conversions with up to 87%.

Here are some interesting examples of companies that have been able to increase their credibility and improve conversions by enabling SSL:

  • PaperCheck saw an 87% increase in registrations after activating SSL on its website.
  • The Central Reservation Service (CRS) recorded a 30% increase in sales just by activating SSL.
  • increased conversions by 13.8% and monthly sales by more than $ 35,000, enabling SSL. For them, this was a 48,000% ROI for their investment in an SSL certificate
  • Fitness Footwear, Ltd. saw a 13.3% decrease in basket abandonment and a 16.9% increase in sales after allowing SSL.

As you can see from the examples above, SSL activation will always translate to sales; When people see the padlock and the green bar, they feel more secure when making transactions on your site and naturally trust you. Improved perception of your credibility ultimately affects sales.

Safe Seal Of Confidence

Very few companies have a trustworthy security seal on their website, and the consequence is that they lose a lot of sales. Research shows that 48% of people will not fully trust a website that does not use a trusted security seal. In fact, it has been revealed that people trust a site that has a trustworthy seal on a site that has been used in the past by a friend, colleague or family member.

This makes sense, given that the web is infested with viruses, and we regularly hear new hacks on a regular basis. Having a trusted seal shows that your site has been verified by a third-party security company, that your site has met certain standards, and that users can transact securely on your site.

Place Strategic Testimonials In Key Places On Your Site

Research shows that testimonials and verbal recommendations influence up to 50% of all purchasing decisions, but only a third of companies actively seek customer testimonials.

There is a popular saying that nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. Nobody wants to be a lone wolf. This is actually rooted in psychology and has to do with how our brains are wired. According to a study published in the journal Current Biology, it has been observed that the area of ​​our brain that is associated with reward is more active when others agree with our views. The psychological explanation for this is due to the mirror neurons in our brain; a mirror neuron is a neuron that “pulls both when one animal acts and when the animal notices the same action performed by another.” Psychologists have observed the presence of mirror neurons in humans and it has been established that the mere act of seeing others do something can influence us to do the same.